SAS Clinical Course Content

Mode : Web Based  Online Training(regular/weekend).
Duration: 45 Days with practical's. 
Certificate: Certificate would be awarded at the end of the program by ESAPTUTOR
Training Material: Soft Copy (Material),with premium books free for the students

SAS Clinical Course Content:

Introduction to SAS and Clinical research:

   SAS role in Clinical Research
   Project Management in Clinical Research
   What is Clinical Research
   What is Protocol and role of Protocol in Clinical Research?
   What is randomization and non randomization?
   Which is playing main role in Clinical Research?
   What is SOP (Standard Operating Procedure)
   Role of DBMS team in Clinical Research
   What is CDM (Clinical Data Management)?
   Importance of CDM systems for data loading
   What is SAP (Statistical Analysis Plan)?
   Role of SAP in Clinical Research
   SAS Work Flow in Clinical Research

  Relation between SAS and DBMS
   Interaction between SAS with CDMs for data access
   Various report generation in Clinical Research

Programming 1:

    Getting Started with the SAS System
    Getting Familiar with SAS Data Sets
    Producing List Reports
    Enhancing Output
    Creating SAS Data Sets
    DATA Step Programming
    Combining SAS Data Sets
    Producing Summary Reports
    Introduction to Graphics

Programming 2:

    Controlling Input and Output
    Summarizing Data
    Reading and Writing Different Types of Data
    Data Transformations
    Debugging Techniques (Self Study)
    Processing Data Iteratively
    Combining SAS Data Sets


    Basic queries
    Combining tables
    Creating And Modifying tables
    Additional sql features
    Overview of tables and column Names

SAS Macros:

    Introduction to the Macro Facility
    SAS Programs and Macro Processing
    Macro Variables
    Macro Processing
    Scopes of Macro Variables
    Macro Expressions
    Macro Quoting
    Interfaces with the Macro Facility
    Storing and Reusing Macros
    Macro Facility Error Messages and Debugging

    Data Cleaning Techniques

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